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Jahresabschlusskonzert – KomponistInnenwettbewerb

Technochor Media Innovation Orchestra

Am 27. November 2021, 18 Uhr findet das Jahresabschlusskonzert des KomponistInnenwettbewerb statt. Line up: Nelly LiPuma – Symphonia per l’Europa Gigi d’Agostino – l’amour toujours Hanna Sophie Lüke – Filmmusiken Alexander Blechinger – Pegasus Cler – Flanieren Marc DiKamari – Pirat Lucas Ramamonjsoa – Einmal in einem Kinderbuch Tickets kannst du hier kaufen. Livestream

KomponistInnen Contest 2021


Media Innovation Orchestra (MIO) and the Technochoir are searching for young composers in Film and Media Scoring. Their compositions will be recorded within a live session by MIO and Technochoir in 2021. The composition should be arranged for classic Orchestra with Band (sax, dr, percussion, e-guitar, e-bass), aswell as integrated Choir parts. End of call: […]